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Pietro Ferrero, who owned a bakeshop in Alba, Piedmont, an area known for the manufacturing of hazelnuts, marketed an initial set of 300 kgs (660 lb) of Pasta Gianduja in 1946. This item was originally sold as a strong block, but Ferrero started to offer a velvety variation in 1951 as Supercrema.

In 1963, Ferrero’s kid Michele Ferrero spruced up Supercrema with the purpose of marketing it throughout Europe. Its composition was customized, and it was relabelled “Nutella”. The first jar of Nutella left the manufacturing facility in Alba on April 20, 1964. The product was an immediate success and stays commonly popular.

In 2012, French senator Yves Daudigny suggested a tax obligation rise on hand oil from EUR100 to EUR400 each tonne. At 20 percent, palm oil is one of Nutella’s main ingredients, and the tax obligation was referred to as “the Nutella tax obligation” in the media.

Globe Nutella Day is February 5.

On 14 May 2014, Poste italiane provided a 50th wedding anniversary Nutella commemorative stamp.The 70 Euro cent stamp was created by Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato and also showcases a container of Nutella on a gold history.  Ferrero held a Nutella Day on 17 and also 18 May to celebrate the anniversary.

As of 2017, Ferrero Products are offered in 160 nations.

Nutella (/ nutɛlə/; Italian enunciation: [nutˈɛlla] is a brand name of sweetened hand oil spread, flavored with hazelnut as well as chocolate solids. Nutella is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero and also was first presented in 1965, although its initial iteration dates to 1963