On April 23, 1963, Tom Monaghan and his sibling, James, took over the operation of DomiNick’s, an existing location of a little pizza restaurant chain that had been possessed by Dominick DiVarti, at 507 Cross Street (now 301 West Cross Street) in Ypsilanti, Michigan, near Eastern Michigan University. The deal was secured by a $500 down payment, as well as the siblings borrowed $900 to spend for the shop. The bros intended to split the work hrs uniformly, yet James did not wish to quit his job as a full time postman to stay up to date with the needs of the brand-new business. Within 8 months, James traded his half of the business to Tom for the Volkswagen Beetle they used for pizza shipments.

By 1965, Tom Monaghan had actually bought 2 extra restaurants; he now had a total of three areas in the very same area. Monaghan desired the shops to share the same branding, yet the original proprietor forbade him from utilizing the DomiNick’s name. Eventually, a worker, Jim Kennedy, returned from a pizza delivery and suggested the name “Domino’s”. Monaghan promptly liked the concept and also officially relabelled the business Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1965.

The firm logo initially had 3 dots, representing the 3 shops in 1965. Monaghan planned to include a brand-new dot with the addition of every new shop, but this idea quickly faded, as Domino’s experienced fast development. Domino’s Pizza opened its initial franchise business location in 1967 and by 1978, the business broadened to 200 shops. In 1975, Domino’s faced a lawsuit by Amstar Corporation, the maker of Domino Sugar, alleging trademark violation as well as unjust competition. On May 2, 1980, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans discovered for Domino’s Pizza.